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Sevastopol «25» February 2022

Limited Liability Company "Eckse" represented by the Internet-atelier  (hereinafter referred to as the Manufacturer) publishes this Agreement, which is a public Agreement-Offer to any individual or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) on the following:

1. Subject of Agreement

1.1. The Manufacturer undertakes to manufacture and transfer to the Customer, and the Customer undertakes to pay for and to accept sports dancing, theatrical, stage or other similar footwear and/or clothing (hereinafter - Goods) ordered in the Internet studio according to individual Customer's order in accordance with paragraph 3.2. in time agreed by the Manufacturer and the Customer in writing before paying 100% for Goods and its subsequent manufacture.

2. Time of Contract conclusion

2.1. The text of this Agreement is a public offer in accordance with art. 435 and art. 437 Part 2 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

2.2. The fact of ordering and payment for Goods in online shop is an unconditional confirmation of acceptance of this Agreement conditions, after which the Customer is considered a person who has entered into contractual relations with the Manufacturer.

3. Name, purpose, unit of measure and quantity of Goods

3.1. Sports dancing, theatrical and stage shoes, footwear for folk dance and choreographic groups, social dance performers shall be manufactured by the Manufacturer according to original technology on special shoe lasts using exclusive materials, by hand with limited use of mechanized equipment, based on the images of models presented in the Internet studio and with possibility of individual selection of goods parameters.

3.2. Dancing sportswear worn directly on the body and intended to create favourable hygienic conditions for sports activities, shall be manufactured by the manufacturer according to the original technology by hand based on the model design photos presented in the online studio with an opportunity to select the individual Goods' parameters.

3.3. The Goods in accordance with par. 3.1. and 3.2. are not intended for use outside appropriate enclosed heated spaces (dance and rehearsal halls, theatrical and variety stages, etc.).

3.4. The Goods manufactured by the Manufacturer according to the Customer's individual order according to par. 1 are supplied: shoes - in pairs, clothes - in pieces, the quantity and cost of Goods are defined by the Customer's order placed in the Internet shop

4. Selection of Goods by Customer

4.1. The client shall choose the Goods and their individual parameters (model, upper material and color, sole material and color, metal accessories, size, fit, heel model and height - for shoes; model, size, color - for clothes), using the information, description, pictures of samples models and prices for Goods presented in the manufacturer's online studio

4.2. The Customer shall be fully responsible for the parameters of the Goods chosen by him when ordering them.

4.3. Comments of an employee of the Internet studio, accompanying the Customer's order, regarding the Customer's selected parameters of Goods ordered shall have only advisory character and shall not transfer responsibility for the Customer's selection of Goods parameters to the manufacturer.

5. Confirmation of order of Goods by the Manufacturer


5.1. The manufacturer shall confirm receipt of an order of Goods, the date of their production, the date and method of delivery of Goods to the Customer by means of electronic communication to the Customer's details, specified in the Customer's registration in the Internet Atelier

5.2. Other consultations of the Customer may be carried out by any means available to the Contractor.

6. Cost of Goods

6.1. The price of the Goods shall be indicated next to the photo of the sample-model of the Goods in the online atelier

6.2. The price of Goods in the online studio is indicated in the currency of the Customer's country per unit of Goods.

6.3. The cost of Goods depends on the complexity of an individual order and its composition, and shall be agreed in writing with the Customer before 100% payment for Goods and the beginning of their production.

6.4. The cost of Goods production, on the request of the Customer, shall be increased by 30% within 10 working days.

6.5. Product delivery cost - according to Clause 9.

6.6. The total sum of the order of Goods including the cost of their delivery to the Customer shall be specified in the final invoice for payment for Goods.

7. Payment of the price of the Goods

7.1. Customer is obliged to pay 100% of the cost of Goods to the Manufacturer prior to commencement of their production.

7.2. Product payment shall be made after confirmation of the possibility of Product manufacturing, schedule and Product cost by the Manufacturer, depending on the complexity of individual order parameters, the capacity utilization of the Manufacturer and the availability of appropriate materials for Product manufacturing.

7.3. If the Goods are paid for in cash, the Manufacturer shall provide the Customer with a cash or purchase receipt or other document confirming payment for the Goods.

7.4. In case of cashless form of payment for Goods the Customer's obligation to pay for Goods cost shall be considered fulfilled from the moment of transfer of 100% of Goods cost to the current bank account of Manufacturer prior to the beginning of Goods production.

7.5. Payment for Goods may be performed by authorized representatives of the Customer specifying in the payment assignment the Customer's requisites.

7.6. Payment for Goods by the Customer or the Customer's authorized representative means the Customer's consent to the terms and conditions of this Agreement-Offer.

8. Product manufacturing terms

8.1. Product manufacturing time depends on order complexity and composition,

workload of the manufacturing facilities of the Manufacturer, and shall be agreed in writing with the Customer before paying 100% for the Commodities and before starting of their manufacturing.

9. Delivery of Goods and its cost

9.1. Delivery of Goods by the Russian Post (ordinary parcel) for an order of Goods for an amount exceeding 6000 roubles shall be performed by the Manufacturer free of charge.

9.2. When ordering Goods for an amount not exceeding 6000 roubles the cost of delivery of Goods by Russian Post (standard parcel) shall be 350 roubles.

9.3. Delivery, including urgent delivery of Goods by other organizations shall be performed by the Customer on its own by indicating to the manufacturer in writing the name of a courier or transport organization the list of which is given in the relevant section of the website. The rates for Goods delivery services are listed on the respective official websites of these organisations.

9.3. When the Goods are delivered by transport companies and courier services the delivery cost shall be paid by the Customer himself upon receipt of the Goods or to the manufacturer in excess of the cost of the Goods indicated on the website of the online atelier.

10. Goods warranty period of use and storage

10.1. The Goods in accordance with clause 3 are subjected to extreme use and increased wear and tear, therefore the Manufacturer has set a warranty period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the Goods by the Customer.

10.2. The warranty shelf life of the Goods is 12 months from the date of manufacture of the Goods, as specified in the quality certificate accompanying the Goods, provided that the Goods are stored in accordance with clause 13.

11. Exchange and return of substandard Goods

11.1. Upon receipt of goods and detection of manufacturing defects in them the Customer has the right to return the Goods to the Manufacturer with compensation of manufacturing costs, or to request an exchange for Goods of proper quality without requiring compensation for manufacturing costs. Goods must meet the quality characteristics set out in the Manufacturer's Technical Conditions: T 15.20.29-001-00240951-2017, T 14.14.11-003-0104370874-2017 and T 14.13.14-002-0104370874-2017.

11.2. The cost of delivery of Goods to the Manufacturer for exchange or return to the Customer shall not be compensated.

12. Exchange and return of conditioned Goods

Conditioned Goods made by the Manufacturer to the Customer's individual order with individual characteristics shall not be subject to exchange or return in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 26.1 of the Russian Federation Law 2300-1 from 07.02.1992 "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

13. Goods transportation and storage

13.1. The Product shall be transported in sheltered vehicles in accordance with the goods transportation rules, operating on the given type of transport.

13.2. The Product must be stored in its original packaging in a dry and ventilated room at temperatures of at least plus 10°C and a relative humidity of 40-60%.

13.3. Storage of footwear in consumer packaging shall be made on racks. The number of shoe boxes with shoes packed in them, installed one on another, and shall not exceed 7 pieces. The number of transparent elastic PET packaging of clothes stacked one on top of the other is not regulated.

13.4. The distance from the floor to the planking or bottom of the shelving shall be at least 0.2 m, the distance of stored Goods from internal walls of the warehouse, heating and heating appliances shall be at least 1.0 m. There shall be at least 0.7 m aisles between racks, stacks and warehouse walls.

13.5. The goods must be protected from direct sunlight and from exposure or contact with aggressive gases or chemicals.

14. Guidelines for use

14.1. The shoes according to point 3 are designed and manufactured exclusively for use on parquet and other smooth surfaces with an unevenness on the joints of not more than 0,3 mm, treated with wax mastics, oil nitro or epoxy varnishes (paints) or having other chemical non-abrasive coatings. Do not use on unpainted wooden surfaces (except for folk dance and Tango shoes), concrete, asphalt or other abrasive coatings.

14.2. Wetting the sole surface for better adhesion to the parquet surface or applying castor oil to the sole for the same purpose is not permitted.

14.3. Only special products shall be used for cleaning or staining shoes in accordance with the instructions for their use.

14.4. To mechanically clean the soles of the dirt and ruffle the lint for better adhesion to the parquet surface, the manufacturer's special cord brushes are used.

14.5. Special preparations shall be used for touch-up shoes in accordance with the instructions for their use.

14.6. Dry the shoes in natural conditions for at least 12 hours at min. plus 20°C immediately after use.

14.7. To avoid damaging the fastening strength of the soles, do not heat dry the shoes on heating radiators, ovens, hair dryers, etc.

14.8. Articles made of biflex, microfibre, chiffon and velvet (clothes) should be washed manually or in an automatic machine on a gentle cycle, in water temperature not exceeding 30° C, in a separate washing bag or net.

14.9. Articles made of biflex, velvet, microfibre, chiffon must not be wrung out in a machine and must not be twisted by hand wringing. Iron only on the wrong side of the garment at a temperature not exceeding 110ºC.

15. Other conditions

15.1. This Contract shall remain in force until all obligations of the Client and the Contractor under its terms and conditions have been fulfilled.

15.2. Correspondence by any means of electronic communication between the Customer and the Manufacturer under this Agreement shall be legally binding.

15.5. No assignment to third parties under this Agreement shall be permitted, except in accordance with clauses 7.5 and 7.6. 7.5 7.6.

15.4. All information transferred between the Customer and the Contractor is confidential and shall not be disclosed.

15.5. All disputes shall be accepted by e-mail and dealt with by the parties to this Contract within 50 days. Pre-trial dispute settlement within 10 working days is mandatory.

15.6. The Contractor is entitled to unilaterally amend and/or supplement the Contract. Changes and additions can also be made in the form of a new edition of the text of the Offer.

15.7. The Contractor shall be notified of amendments and/or additions to the Agreement and other documents thereto by posting the text of the amendments and/or additions or a new version of the Agreement or other document on the website

15.8. The moment when amendments/supplements come into force shall be the moment when the Contractor accepts the said amendments/supplements on its website.

15.9. When Goods are custom-made before the changes/supplements come into force, the terms in force before the changes/supplements were posted on the Internet Atelier's website apply to the effects of such custom-made goods.

15.10. The posting of amendments and/or supplements to the Agreement in a new version on the website of the Contractor shall mean proper fulfilment of the Contractor's obligation to notify the Customer.

15.11. By providing its personal data to the Contractor within the framework of registration in the online studio of the Contractor, the Customer gives its consent to the use of this information by the Contractor and by third parties engaged by the Contractor to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

15.12. The Customer's personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ.

16. Postal details of the Manufacturer

16.1. Legal address: 24-A Koly Pischenko Street, Sevastopol, 299023.

16.2. Postal address for official correspondence:

299023, Sevastopol, 24, Koly Pischenko St., P.O. Box 9.

16.3. Manufacturer's e-mail addresses:, - sales department. - individual orders department.

Mobile phone of the Manufacturer: +7-978-006-28-24.

16.4. Fixed telephone numbers of the Manufacturer:

+7 (8692) 65-04-16 (secretary), +7(8692) 65-07-37 (sales department).

16.5. E-mail address of the Manufacturer's Internet-Atelier:

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