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The company "Eckse" is one of the leading and oldest domestic companies for the production of sports dancing shoes in the former Soviet Union (CIS).

The first experiments in production of dancing shoes were started by the founder and owner of the company "Eckse" Alexander Geikhman in 1985. (under the direction of Nina and Vadim Elizarov), they nevertheless badly needed dancing shoes, which at that time were not produced in the Soviet Union. The art of ballroom dancing was just becoming popular, "the iron curtain" was tightly closed, it was impossible to buy anything abroad, and therefore young enthusiasts were practicing in the usual weekend shoes, trying, of course, to make every effort to get a real, "branded" pair.

Two years of production experimentation of the author with pads, heels, construction and materials on the basis of the Sevastopol shoe factory and Atelier for sewing shoes for the Black Sea Fleet high command, small-scale production of several models of dancing shoes, of course, very imperfect by today's standards, was mastered. The experimenter himself did not even think about the need to further develop this business, and certainly did not think that he would ever become the owner of the shoe enterprise. Being at that time, a professional dancer and director of his own dance company, the author believed that produced absolutely enough volume to provide his students and close friends, dancers dance shoes, but for more just did not have enough time or effort.

But fate had other plans. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the entire economic mechanism of the state, the Commercial Department of the Russian Black Sea Fleet decided to eliminate the shoe atelier in Sevastopol, but if the author does not mind, then let his person lead a highly qualified team of shoe atelier. The offer was totally unexpected, and there was no time to think about it. The staff, large enough to remain without dancing shoes, could not any longer, and that is why the private company Galex, registered by the author in early 1991, opened a second line of business - production of dancing shoes, which in a short period of time became its main activity. Over the past 30 years the company has manufactured its products under the trademarks Galex, Dancefox, Maori and Eckse. The first two were handed over to the company's former trading partners and they have been successfully developing their own production lines of dance products, while the company has lately been producing its products only under the Eckse brand.


At the moment the area of assembly workshops and office premises of the company is about 2500 square meters, and the production staff consists of over one hundred people. The central office and the main facilities of the company are located in Russia. Representative offices are located in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, as well as in Europe and the USA.

In the development and production of sports dancing shoes engaged in dedicated high-class professionals. Each pair is made at modern equipment of high quality natural and artificial materials that have passed rigorous selection and testing. Each operation of the footwear assembly is scrupulously checked by technical control staff.

Developed by leading British, Spanish, Italian and Russian specialists, the shape and profile of the shoes lasts, as well as the special design of models provide high comfort, flexibility, stability and tightness of the foot, which is essential in dance sport.

The company is constantly in search of new ideas in footwear design and construction, new high-quality materials and accessories. Company's specialists closely monitor the latest trends in the world of dance fashion and regularly consult with leading professional dancers and outstanding teachers in the field of dance sport. Suffice it to say that the nowadays widely used split sole technology in athletic ball shoes was first proposed by Eckse.

At the moment our collections of shoes models, shoe materials, accessories, models and heel heights have several hundreds of different variations, which allows us to satisfy the most demanding tastes and demands of our clients. In accordance with a wide list of options for materials, any model can also be made in individual configuration.

I express the hope that our company's products will give any keen dance fan the opportunity to reveal and realize their creative potential.

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