How to find out your size of shoes


All Eckse dance shoes are produced in three fittings: narrow, medium, and wide. If you are going to determine your fitting on your own, measure your feet according to these instructions and use graphic information below.

How to measure your foot

1. Put your foot on a blank sheet of paper and shift body weight to it. Outline your foot on your own or ask somebody to do it with a keen pencil. Hold a pencil atilt to a foot as close as possible (see pic. 1).

2. Then measure the length from the extreme point of a heel to the longest toe of your foot along the C line (see pic. 2).

3. To determine a foot fitting, measure metatarsus girth (according to pic. 1 and 3 — along the A line, that is, between the most salient bones of inner and outer foot archs).

4. For individual order you should also measure a straight foot instep girth (along the B line, that is, in the narrowest part of a foot instep, approximately in the middle of it, as it is shown at the pic. 1 and 3). At this time a flexible ruler should tightly wrap your foot.


Eckse dance shoes are produced according to the simplest foot measuring system — metric system, where a foot length in millimetres coincides with a shoe size. If you are going to determine your metric size on your own, please follow in detail the instructions below. If you make an order by mail (including e-mail) or by phone, you can also specify the size of your casual shoes, the size and model of another manufacturer's shoes that fit you at present. This is a very important additional information for our company specialists. If your size and/or fitting requirements are beyond the range of standard sizes and fittings of Eckse Co. (see further), you can make an individual order, that is, you can order any model of a size and fitting in accordance with your wish. The price and production time of an individual order depend on its complexity and usually are higher than the standard ones.


Shoe sizes conversion table in different measurement systems*.

* All given correspondences are approximate.

Table of standard sizes and fittings of Eckse dance shoes


Men's and boys' shoes fittings:


Fittings of ladies' shoes with a heel height of 40—60 mm:


Fittings of ladies' shoes with a heel height of 70—90 mm:

Remember that all given correspondences are approximate.

How to order shoes?

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