Order placement

1. Ordering

To order shoes, you should choose the required collection and model in the catalogue.

After that you can change the following parameters: size, upper material, back quarter shape, heel height and shape, buckle, etc.

To choose the size and the fitting of a model correctly, we highly recommend using Foot measurement instructions and compare your parameters with Eckse standard sizes and fittings.

After you choose the necessary items, press Order button. You can see the list of the chosen items on the Cart page. You may add or delete certain items in your cart or change their quantity. To make an order, press Checkout button on the Cart page. Then you need to fill in a registration form and state your contact phone number and e-mail that will be used for order confirmation. After you make an order our manager will contact you to specify it. The order is considered to be taken only after our specialist's confirmation.


2. Order taking

On the Checkout page you can either choose the nearest dealer or send your order directly to the manufacturer. No matter which dealer you choose, our manager will contact you to specify your order in any case.

Shoe manufacturing time is 15 working days since the day you made a full payment.


3. Order payment

If you would like to place an order directly with the manufacturer, our specialist will confirm it and send an invoice to the e-mail address that you provided. You can make payment in any branch bank. The invoice is valid for 3 days. The order is cancelled in case of nonpayment.


4. Order manufacturing

After payment the order is put into production. Manufacturing time is 15 working days since the day you made a full payment.


5. Order delivery

International delivery is realized by EMS Post of Russia.  When your ready order is sent, our manager will give you a tracking number of the sending. Payment for delivery is at consignee's expense.


If you would like to order Eckse dance shoes directly with the manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +7 (8692) 65-07-37.

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