Varieties of sole materials used to create Eckse dance shoes

The company "Eckse" offers several varieties of shoe soles, specially designed for dancing on different surfaces. Below you can get acquainted with the variants of sole materials and their purpose, to choose the dance shoes that will meet the requirements of the dance direction you are interested in.

Split - a natural leather, obtained as a result of longitudinal doubling of the skin. According to its purpose, thickness and finishing it is subdivided into the outer parts of the upper parts of the footwear and backing split. Flesh split is a natural leather, both sides of which are fleshes.

Advantages of split genuine leather

  1. it has a high elasticity, good vapor permeability.
  2. Outsole made of split leather provides perfect traction with parquet flooring.
  3. The use of natural leather in the manufacture of soles leads to a minimization of weight of the shoe, which provides comfort and convenience when engaged in dancing.
  4. During the dance is a definite work the foot, and the constant stress (compression and stretching) applied to the sole, forcing to abandon the use of less elastic materials.
  5. Leather is more durable and resistant, it does not crack or break, only stretched.

On the same principle, the preferred materials for the manufacture of the top of the shoe remain fabric (satin, satin) and natural leather (plain, patent and nubuck).

Purpose: parquet

Available collections: Latina, Standard, Practice, Salsa.

Leather fiber - leathern porous rubber, made with fibrous fillers. It has high physical and mechanical properties and similar to leather hardness, thickness, plasticity. Unlike leather, leather fiber is waterproof and less amenable to abrasion. That is why shoes with leather fiber soles are well suited for outdoor dancing (street-dancing).

Purpose: abrasive surfaces (asphalt)

Available Collections: Tango

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